Friday, December 12, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Wow!  How am I so far behind on this post?!  The wind down on this year is happening fast and Christmas is around the corner.  Days are packed, nights are booked, the house is dirty (but decorated) and schedules are all over the place.

But...I do want to post on this year's "get out your fat pants" day.
The thing about Thanksgiving 14 that I loved so was simple.  We spent Thanksgiving afternoon dining at Aunt Valerie and Uncle David's house with our usual 20 or so and that gathering went into the evening for a bit.  It was a great time to catch up with everyone while the kiddos took turns hanging on necks and jumping around.  The biggest surprise for me was how big my second cousin/nephew Flynn has gotten.  It had been several weeks since I last saw this little chunk and my how he's grown!   He weighs almost as much as Sawyer and he's only like 10 months old!
On Friday, we did our feast with Meme, Papa, Grandma, Lilly, Clayton and Jessica.  The food was very good and the family time was lovely.  Lilly has grown so much since the summer when we last saw her.  She's very interactive and really enjoys her toys.  She likes playing with Audrey and will pull her around to different rooms to play.   Truly though; all three did really great together.
Family is such a blessing. 
such a sweet boy!!
Cousins playing Frozen!  I mean, how cute is this?! We loved having Lilly in town!
Thanksgiving morning with a small present for each.
The MacLeod Clan
Audrey's class pet, Chloe, stayed with us over the holiday.
Gym team sleep-over at Savannah's house! 
This picture cracks me up.  Audrey had her first sleep-over away from home when Savannah Parker hosted.  Charli Kelly was unable to attend so she's not pictured above, but Savannah's little sister (far left) filled in.  Audrey and her partner in crime, Karina Perry (they are the team clowns) are sharing Audrey's sleeping bag.  I heard those two had to be eventually separated due to the late night hysterics ;)
Daddy got the hog going (again) and it was like an early Christmas present for our kiddos.  They love rides after work. 
The cutest turkey at his preschool feast.   I love this little man more than words. 
Maclain and Sawyer.
Sawyer is going to miss this little lady something fierce.  He's pretty hard-core for a two year old dude, and Maclain hangs right there with him (and the other boys).  In fact, she can often be found ruling the roost and getting things done where they're concerned.  These two interact together in a way that I find so funny.  Sawyer listens to her very well, and she runs right along with him to find some other mischief to get into.   Little rascals...yep, that's these two.   I'm praying life's events bring us together even though distance will bring us apart. 


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Audrey's Last Gym Meet of 2014

Last weekend's meet in Crawfordville, "Going for the Gold," was her last one of this year and most likely as a level 1.  It was an early one too, 7:45 am.  That meant we were up at a little before 6:00 am and out the door about 6:45 am.  The facility was small and crowded, but now we know for future meets (because there is never enough seating and always a ton of spectators) that if you want seats, get there early.  Again, no good pictures were taken.  Audrey did very good for her last meet and placed 2nd in floor, beam, vault and 5th on bars, with a second place all-around score.  They gave a snow-globe trophy to the first place all-around winner and you could tell Audrey was disappointed she didn't get one, to the point where she could have cared less about the little trophy they gave her and the third place all-around winner.  The cool thing about this meet was Audrey got to take home the team's first place trophy!  They let a team member take home the banner or trophy after each meet, and this time it was Audrey's turn.  She was thrilled. 
Great job baby girl!
Great job this year team!

Audrey worked really hard on her routines for these meets and continues to train hard for that next level.   She has gotten more into practicing at home and wants Santa to bring her a beam and a bar.  We've explained that those things may be too much for Santa to fit in his sleigh, but maybe a few gym things will be under the tree.  ;)
For the record, her highest overall score this meet season was from this last meet with a 36.225.  Goooo Audrey, your cheering section loves you!


Our 9th Anniversary trip!

Two weekends ago Raymond and I went to Miami for a two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental.  Up until that weekend I was never really a big fan of the city of Miami, but I was looking forward to staying in this super lux hotel and all of the nice dining Raymond had scheduled for us.  The drive down wasn't as bad as I had remembered, plus the quiet conversation with my husband was much appreciated. 
The view from the balcony of our skyline suite.
A card from the staff at Azul, the restaurant we went to on our first night. 
Surprise dessert from the restaurant. 
At Barton G's.  This was supper the second night.
What a dining experience!
The last picture was our dessert at Barton G's.  Aunt Valerie and Uncle David called it in and chose that one because they "wished us a marriage like one big carnival."  ha!
I know it looks as if all we did in Miami was eat, and that was a big part of our trip, but we did a lot of sight seeing too.  The weather was dreary but we made the most of it. 
On our way home we stopped in St. Augustine and visited with Aunt Cat and Uncle Rudy.  We saw the property they are building on and also spent some time shopping in their historic downtown.  I would definatly enjoy another visit with them and more time in St. Augustine.  I hope they had as good a time as we did.
Our trip was quick but very nice.  Nine years in the books, a lifetime to go!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Olaf & his Elsa...Halloween 2014

Between trunk-or-treat, school costume parties, and Halloween being on a Friday (yay!), this year's Halloween was great fun.  Crazy two-year old wrangling type fun.  Here are pictures from anything Halloweeney we did in the past week or so...

At some point they changed their minds from Spiderman costumes to the highly popular Frozen characters.
These two are ready to trunk-or-treat!
The cutest Olaf of 2014 if I do say so!
And not a prettier Elsa around!
Immediate candy devouring for these four!
On Friday, we got the kids dressed; loaded up, and took our family plus a truck and trailer over to the Ely's neighborhood.  There were several families and a good amount of kids in attendance.  We used our trailer and Mr. Adam got horse hay for our large hayride crew.  Elsa and the older kids were a blur the entire evening and really brought home the candy.  Olaf wasn't far behind and hit almost the same number of houses as the big kids did.  Whenever the hayride stopped, the everyone piled out and bolted from door to door.  Yes, most parents too.  Anyone that has ever chased Sawyer knows how fast he is and well, I was a little grouchy half way through the hayride.  Our trick-or-treating ended with a quick stop at a bounce house set up in someone's driveway.  We are still not sure if it was for the trick-or-treaters or if maybe they were having a party the next day??  Nevertheless, all of our kids piled in and had fun, and it was the perfect way to call the evening to a close ;)
Friends of the Ely's brought over witch's potion
On our way out the quick photo.  Thanks Meme for making the Elsa cape!

And like that Halloween 2014 is in the bag!  A candy bag that is!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkins and Corn Mazes

Last Sunday we went to Spring Hill Tree Farm to take part in some Fall fun.  They have a corn maze, pumpkin painting, bounce houses, tire swings and a hay ride.  It was a beautiful cloudless afternoon and after church we drove the hour to Bainbridge, GA and ate bbq sandwiches before getting started on their activities.  I think I took a few decent pictures of my children...finally.
One of my absolute favorite photos of our precious boy.
We'll be back at Christmas to see Santa!
 A few weeks ago we visited our favorite pumpkin patch, the one at Faith Presbyterian.  We've been visiting here every fall since Audrey was born and it's just so neat to watch the kids have a good time year after year.

 And because I show these every year.
Audrey at 7 months.
Sawyer at 8 months. 
Our little foursome just loves this time of year and we can't wait for Friday and all the trick-or-treating activites!

Happy Fall Ya'll!